Cloud Developer Jobs

The Cloud-computing industry boasts a bountiful career landscape for developers. Cloud developer jobs are calling for anyone ranging from Java gurus to green college grads. and the Cloud-Career Evolution

With Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, Google Enterprise and other game-changing technology platforms embracing the Cloud, careers in the space have exploded. unveiled its platform and proprietary Java-based, Apex language to the developer community in 2007. This single event created an entirely new career path for the Cloud-computing community.

Most recently, Salesforce and VMware’s joint venture, VMforce, empowers Java developers to leverage the Spring Framework in conjunction with the platform.

Top 5 Reasons It’s Good To Be A Cloud Developer:

  1. PAY. PAY. PAY. Demand for cloud developers exceeds supply and will for some time.  With numerous platforms offering endless creative options, developers are in hot demand with loads of revolutionizing projects begging for knowledgeable talent.
  2. Hot Space. Work with some of the sexiest technologies on the planet!
  3. To Work Full-time or Contract? A bounty of opportunities equals a variety of options and flexibility from many employers.
  4. Work remote! Cloud-computing allows many developers to work from their home, Starbucks or any favorite Wi-Fi hotspot.
  5. Keep Marketable! As the tech industry flocks to the Cloud, do not be left behind with outdated technologies on your resume!

Cloud Developer Role Types:

Cloud developer roles vary from app development to building integrations to programmatically enhancing a specific technology such as Salesforce’s CRM. Most developers choose one or two focus areas.

Cloud Developer Career Resources:

A few resources for the newbie and the experienced cloud developer:

  1. Training – Classroom and online training abound. Universities are beginning to offer!
  2. CloudstockThe Woodstock for Developers. December 6, 2010.
  3. Dreamforce – ‘s Annual Conference. December 6-9, 2010
  4. Job Updates – Subscribe to our monthly briefing featuring cloud jobs.
  5. Additional Cloud bloggers:

In Summary:

Cloud developer jobs are in full-force with an array of options to work on trail-blazing projects. Whether a recent grad or guru, it’s a developers’ market. The cloud is your oyster.

Interested in learning more about Cloud Developer Careers? Visit Hire On-Demand at Dreamforce:

  • Visit us at Booth #1119.
  • See us speak at multiple Dreamforce Sessions
  • Sign up for 1:1 Career Sessions with Hire On-Demand at the Zone Welcome Desk!

Cloudstock 12/6

Dreamforce 12/6-12/9

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