To Contract or Go Full-Time?

To Contract or Go Full-Time?

That is the question many of our Salesforce Admins and Developers face today. The good news is there is plenty of both types of work to go around.

We are still in a market that is experiencing a drastic discrepancy between demand and supply. That is, demand for savvy Salesforce talent exceeds today’s supply.

We are often asked by job seekers which structure, contracting or full-time employment, is the better choice.  The answer often depends on your personality and tolerance.  Namely, by contracting, you gain flexibility with work hours, location, the type of work, and how you perform it.  On the flipside, you may be responsible for invoicing, collections, withholding taxes, and facing the uncertainty of the next project and new personalities. (Note, if you work through staffing firms like Hire On-Demand, you don’t have to worry about the administrativia.)  Those who seek full-time employment often do so for the stability. Eliminated are worries about finding the next gig.  Additionally, many who choose to go full-time enjoy immersing themselves in an organization, becoming deeply familiar with the technical environment and processes, and  belonging to a “team”.

In sum, both contracting and full-time employment have their perks and trade-offs. Much of it comes down to personal preference. The great news is we are in a market that is hot for both types of talent.

Employers, no need to fret. Given our Salesforce specialty and roots, we are fortunate at Hire On-Demand to have a vast pool of passive job seekers eager for their next challenging assignment.

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