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Headcount Guidelines

Determining Force.com Headcount Requirements

Q. How Do I Determine Force.com Headcount Requirements?

A.  The Force.com platform is experiencing significant momentum. Read on to see how businesses are leveraging Force.com Developers and best practices for hiring qualified professionals:

Step 1: Developer Types

The scope of work will dictate the type of Developer required. Below are 3 general categories of Force.com Development:

  1. CRM Enhancement: Enhance Salesforce.com (SFDC) CRM beyond native functionality via VisualForce, Apex and Java coding.
  2. App Development : Replace legacy applications or build entirely new functionality with apps on the Force.com platform.
  3. SFDC Integrations: Build sophisticated integrations between SFDC and other systems.

Step 2: Project scope

Factors to consider when determining hiring requirements:

  1. Roadmap: How many projects are in the pipeline?
  2. Complexity: Are goals fairly robust or do they involve only minor enhancements?
  3. Integrations: If planning to integrate SFDC with other systems, is there an existing pre-built connector? How many integrations are you considering? Do you have onsite integration specialists with whom the SFDC Integration Developer may interface with?

Step 3: Hiring Employees vs Contractors

Based upon your answers above, the following should offer some direction around your specific needs:

CRM Enhancement: You may want to evaluate your existing resources first. Do you have an experienced SFDC Admin/Analyst to ensure your SFDC deployment is properly optimized? This is an important step prior to adding "bells and whistles" via a Developer. Your project roadmap will help to dictate whether a Developer is required on a short-term project basis, or full-time.

Building New Apps: Unless you have an aggressive roadmap, it may make financial sense to utilize Force.com Developers on a project basis. For those with a rich pipeline of apps to create, a full-time resource(s) often makes sense.

SFDC Integrations: Given the nature of these one-time projects, a project-based Developer is typically the most economical solution.

In summary, Force.com Developer hiring guidelines are based upon a combination of factors listed above. If you would like guidance based upon your individual situation, please feel free to contact Hire On-Demand directly for a free, site-specific evaluation.

“Hire On-Demand was a key instrument in finding qualified candidates for a position that is very difficult to fill. The time they took to thoroughly understand our business and company culture, right down to the personality fit, made the selection process extremely efficient.”
—Kevin Ko Director of Information Systems, Drivecam, Inc.