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Headcount Guidelines
You need to hire the right person, and you needed them to start yesterday.

Hire On-Demand’s Full-Service Recruiting allows you to offload your search to us. Our vast pool of Salesforce.com and related Cloud candidates enables us to efficiently provide full-time and contract professionals to meet your hiring needs. You won’t waste your valuable time weeding through resumes or screening out unqualified candidates. We fully manage the process from start to finish, delivering only the most qualified candidates.

Full-Service Recruiting Benefits:

  1. Proprietary Salesforce.com Testing

    Candidates are thoroughly qualified via our proprietary interview process. We meticulously test and validate candidates’ application knowledge, to include distinguishing classroom vs. real-world experience. This process allows us to quickly identify (and eliminate) unreliable candidates, as well as those with “beefed-up” resumes.

  2. Cloud Expertise and Hiring Guidance

    We know Cloud technology. Our founder came directly from Salesforce.com, the pioneer in cloud-computing. We can offer professional guidance in helping you determine your hiring requirements. We may think of something that you haven’t!

  3. Save Time and Money

    Finding the right candidate on your own can be very time consuming. Searching through unfiltered resumes and screening candidates is just the first step. Our expert team of Salesforce-Certified recruiters are positioned to deliver qualified candidates quickly, saving your company and general recruiters countless hours.

  4. Vast Candidate Network

    We have deep roots in the Cloud community, which means we have access to a wide pool of talent. We are constantly expanding our pool of Cloud professionals—and in many cases, already have exactly the person you are looking for.

  5. Access to Passive Candidates

    For many mid-senior level positions, the most qualified candidate is often times not posting their resume online. Our candidate pool includes a lot of highly qualified, but “passive,” candidates—those people who aren’t actively seeking a new position, but are always open to hearing about exciting career opportunities. We also represent a number of candidates who wish to keep their job search and personal information confidential, so you won’t find them through traditional means.

  6. Competitive Edge

    In this rapidly expanding market, the competition for talent can be fierce. The best candidates are often contacted through so many channels that they find it easiest to work exclusively with us.

  7. Privacy Protection

    We keep your company name and position details confidential, so that you won’t be bothered by phone inquiries from candidates, recruiters, or general spammers. We only disclose position details to candidates who have been personally identified as a qualified match.