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How do you get the right fit, right away? Hire On-Demand’s personalized service delivers only the highest quality, vetted Salesforce candidates for direct hire and temporary positions.

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Propriety testing means you’ll only meet qualified candidates

Our unique evaluation process accurately identifies candidates’ Salesforce technical knowledge, familiarity with best practices, and real-world expertise through proprietary testing and comprehensive interviews. No surprises here! You know what you’re going to get – and it’s pretty great.

We eat, sleep and breathe Salesforce

Founded by a Salesforce alumnus in 2007, our expert team, including Salesforce-certified recruiters, will take the time to fully understand your needs and know how to precisely match you with the ideal candidate. You’ll save time and money, and we can offer professional guidance to help you determine your hiring requirements. We may think of something that you haven’t!

We know who’s who

We have deep roots in the Salesforce community, which means we have access to a vast pool of talent. We are constantly expanding our pool of professionals—and in many cases, already have exactly the person you are looking for.

We connect you with Salesforce pros who are not actively looking

Many Salesforce professionals work exclusively with Hire On-Demand. They know if we contact them, it’s going to be worth their time. We can connect you with highly qualified but “passive” candidates — people who aren’t actively seeking a new position, but are always open to hearing about exciting career opportunities. We also represent candidates who wish to keep their job search confidential, making it hard to find them through traditional means. Working with us gets their attention and gives you access.

The pros are out there!
…and we can help you find them.

Searching for qualified Salesforce professionals might feel impossible, but trust us, they really do exist. Our personalized, boutique recruiting approach helps companies like you find direct hires and temporary staff to fill roles such as:

Business Analyst
Implementation Consultant
Marketing Specialists
Product Manager
Project Manager

Ready to experience our boutique-style matching?

We start by gaining a detailed understanding of your Salesforce environment, specific goals, and vision of your dream candidate. This information serves as the foundation of our highly personalized search, which includes comprehensive vetting and our proprietary Salesforce testing.

If you’re not sure whether you need an Admin or Developer – we got you. Our recruiting experts will provide guidance based on your particular needs. The end result? Relief, peace of mind and excitement knowing you landed your dream candidate.

Direct Hire

No more sifting through resumes. Our recruiting experts quickly identify the best of the best who align with your vision, hiring goals and requirements to maximize each headcount slot. You’ll receive one or two resumes per opening.

Temp Staffing

A flexible option for meeting fluctuating demands. Temps are available for short and long-term engagements, from project support to backfilling during maternity/paternity leave. We clear through the clutter and send you resumes for our top one or two experts who align closest with your needs.

Tasks On-Demand

Dreaming of tackling your growing task list with ultimate flexibility? Tasks On-Demand is an ideal solution when you have limited (yet important) needs or budget. A dedicated US-based Salesforce expert will swoop in (remotely) for a number of pre-selected support hours to save the day.

Ready to get started?

We’d love to learn more about what you’re looking for and discuss how we can make it happen.

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